Monday, October 27, 2008

Performance rumour: expect guerilla actions

Opening night at 7a*11d featured a "bonus" performance. Could there be more unscheduled performances in the works? This enigmatic announcement started appearing on the wire services on Friday...

Just out of her woodblock print CEO at the Gladstone
Wednesday, Oct. 29, ’08, after eight

Bored with fashion week? Crying over crashing stocks? Addicted to Spankwire? CEO is one of four sex fantasy suits of the superhero and prostitute, Superwoman. Cunty Cowboy CEO says, “Look out Motherfucker, I’ll shoot you in the pants.” She is your dream and hers - in the elevator or stairwell, at the end of the hallway, over the boardroom table... until she’s had it... then she is just a jiggly secretary, bowing and bobbing, and curling up under the strain. CEO is a wannabe porn star who can’t get past the coffee table. Come and watch her go down at Toronto’s oldest and artiest boarding house, The Gladstone Hotel.

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